Tennis racket re-gripping/stringing, grommet replacement, customization services

Tennis Racket Services

Here at Pete Carlson’s, we make it easy to keep your racket, and your game, in great shape.

Tennis Racquet
Grip Service


  • Get the right size, thickness, and feel for your racquet.
  • Replace old grip that has lost tread
  • Customize aesthetic, feel, tread, and thickness.


  • Prolongs the life of your grip from wear and tear.
  • They provide sweat absorption to make the grip less slippery.
  • They can customize the thickness of the handle.

Tennis Racquet
Stringing Service

Our Process

Tennis String Section


A standard golf grip should give you at least 18 months of life. Different manufacturers use different materials in there products such as rubber, silicon, elastomer, and plastic and each has it’s own responses to weather in your area as well as a certain resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Replace golf grips when they stop providing the amount of traction in your grip that is necessary to have a good grip on the club, when it starts to crack, rip, and tear, or if you would just prefer a different type of thickness/length to the grip.

It all depends on the size of your hand.

Clean your golf grips with a moist warm towel. Let dry and store in a dry, room temperature room.