Golf Clubs

At Pete Carlson’s, we’re more than just a golf store – we’re your fairway oasis. Our floors are stocked with a treasure trove of name-brand golf clubs, carefully curated for discerning golfers like you. Whether you’re eyeing a Titleist driver, a TaylorMade hybrid, or a Callaway wedge, we’ve got your swing covered. From irons to putters, fairways to drivers, Pete Carlson’s is where your golf dreams take flight.

Have the right golf equipment for your game?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, at Pete Carlson’s we have a knowledgeable staff that can help you determine what kind of clubs are right for you.

What golf clubs do you need?


Used to play from the tee. Provides farthest ball travel distance.


First stroke on short distances or second stroke on long distances.


Middle ground between Woods and Irons. Familiar iron swing with added forgiveness

Golf club type. Iron


Assortment of clubs with varying degree of loft for distance control with playing the course.

Golf club type. Wedges


Used for pitching and chipping around the green and bunker shots.


Used for your short game once ball is near or on the green.


Elevate Your Tee Shots with Our Premium Golf Drivers! Our handpicked drivers redefine the game. They’re not just clubs; they’re your secret to distance, forgiveness, and precision. Crush the ball like a pro, forget those mishits, and tailor your driver to your swing. Ready to elevate your game? Explore our selections and tee off with confidence!

  • Ping G430 Max Driver
  • Ping G Le3 Driver
  • Mizuno ST Max 230 Driver
  • XXIO Prime Driver
  • XXIO 13 Driver
  • Callaway Big Bertha Driver
  • Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Driver
  • TaylorMade Qi10 LS Driver
  • TaylorMade Qi10 Driver
  • TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver
  • Titleist TSR3 Driver
  • Titleist TSR2 Driver
  • Titleist TSR1 Driver
  • Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver
  • Cobra Darkspeed X Driver
  • Cobra Darkspeed LS Driver


These sleek clubs are like the Swiss Army knives of golf – versatile, reliable, and ready for action. Picture this: you’re standing on the fairway, the sun warming your back, and the green lies ahead like a lush carpet. Your driver? Too much power. Your irons? Too precise. Enter the fairway wood – the Goldilocks of golf clubs.

Think of fairway woods as the bridge between drivers and irons. They’re like the middle child – not too long, not too short. Typically numbered 3, 5, or 7, these beauties have a shallow face, allowing you to sweep the ball off the turf with grace. They’re designed for those shots when you need distance but crave accuracy.

Why do golfers love fairway woods? Well, let me spill the tee: they’re perfect for those long approach shots. When the green seems miles away, and you need to thread the needle, a fairway wood steps up. It’s your trusty sidekick for reaching par-5s in two or setting up a birdie chance on a par-4.Your Content Goes Here

Fairway woods excel in tight spots. Imagine a dogleg left – trees hugging the fairway, a narrow opening. Your fairway wood whispers, “Fear not, golfer!” With its shallow profile, it glides through the rough, over bunkers, and onto the green. It’s your escape artist, your secret weapon.

So, next time you’re eyeing that distant flag, remember your fairway wood. It’s not just a club; it’s your accomplice in conquering the course. Swing away, my friend!

  • Ping G430 Max Fairway
  • Ping G Le3 Fairway
  • Mizuno ST Max Fairway
  • XXIO Prime Fairway Wood
  • XXIO 13 Fairway Wood
  • Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Woods
  • Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fairway
  • Taylormade Qi10 Tour Fairway
  • Taylormade Qi10 Max Fairway
  • Taylormade Qi10 Fairway
  • Titleist TSR3 Fairway
  • Titleist TSR2 Fairway
  • Titleist TSR1 Fairway
  • Cobra Darkspeed MAX Fairway
  • Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway
  • Cobra Darkspeed LS Fairway


Versatile golf clubs that bridge the gap between irons and fairway woods – Imagine a club that looks like a wood but hits like a long iron. That’s the hybrid – a crossbreed designed for forgiveness and versatility.

At its core, a hybrid combines the best of both worlds. It’s easier to hit than a long iron, yet it produces comparable distance, ball trajectory, and accuracy. Picture an club between an iron and a wood – that’s the hybrid.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, hybrids have your back. They rescue you from tight lies, navigate hazards, and make those long approach shots feel like a breeze. Plus, they’re forgiving – perfect for off-center strikes.

  • Ping G430 Hybrid
  • Ping G Le3 Hybrid
  • XXIO Prime Hybrid
  • XXIO 13 Hybrid
  • Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid
  • Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Hybrid
  • TaylorMade Qi10 Tour Rescue
  • TaylorMade Qi10 Max Rescue
  • TaylorMade Qi10 Rescue
  • Titleist TSR3 Hybrid
  • Titleist TSR2 Hybrid
  • Titleist TSR1 Hybrid
  • Cobra Darkspeed Hybrid


Think of irons as your precision instruments on the course. They’re the clubs that sculpt your shots – from tee to green.

Golf irons are versatile clubs used for precision shots across the course. Unlike drivers that focus on distance or putters for the green, irons strike a balance. They’re ideal for approach shots, navigating hazards, and shaping the ball’s trajectory.

  • Long Irons (2, 3, 4): These are your distance warriors. When you need to cover ground, these are your go-to clubs. Whether you’re in the fairway or rough, they deliver.
  • Mid-Irons (5, 6, 7): Versatile workhorses, these clubs handle approach shots with finesse. They strike a balance between distance and control.
  • Short Irons (8, 9, PW): Precision artists, these clubs shine near the green. They have a higher loft and a softer touch.
  • Ping G430 Irons
  • Ping G Le3 Irons
  • Mizuno Pro 245 Iron Set
  • Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Irons
  • XXIO Prime Irons
  • XXOP 13 Irons
  • TaylorMade P790 Irons
  • TaylorMade Qi Irons
  • Titleist T200 Irons
  • Titleist T150 Irons
  • Titleist T100 Irons
  • Cobra Darkspeed Irons


Golf wedges are specialized clubs designed for precise shots around the green. They tackle a variety of situations, from delicate chips to high-flying lobs.

  • Pitching Wedge (PW): Versatile and part of your iron set, it covers distances of 100-140 yards. Use it for fairway shots, chipping out from trees, and bump-and-run shots.
  • Sand Wedge (SW): Escapes sand traps and provides extra loft for soft landings on the green.
  • Lob Wedge (LW): Finesse club for high, short shots—ideal for tight green-side situations.
  • Gap Wedge (GW): Fills the gap between PW and SW, perfect for in-between distances
  • Ping s159 Wedge
  • Ping Glide Forged Pro Wedge
  • Callaway CB Wedge
  • Callaway Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedges
  • TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedge
  • TaylorMade Qi Wedge
  • Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedge
  • Cobra Snakebite-X Wedge
  • Cobra Snakebite Wedge


Golf putters are specialized clubs designed for precision on the green. The right putter for your game will help you sink the ball into the hole with minimal strokes. Whether you’re reading the break or aiming for that crucial birdie, a well-chosen putter can make all the difference in your game.

  • Blade Putters: These traditional putters resemble thin rectangles. They’re popular among low-handicap golfers who value precision on fast greens. Blade putters offer a variety of hosel selections for customization.
  • Mallet Putters (or Half Mallet): Originally designed for stability, mallet-style putters have evolved. They look like semi-circles extending from the back of a blade putter. Some manufacturers still produce smaller traditional mallets.
  • Modern Mallet Putters: These putters resemble shoe boxes on sticks (not the most glamorous description!). However, they’re incredibly popular. Golfers find them easier to control for accurate starting lines on the ball, even professionals use them.
  • Ping PLD Milled Putters
  • Ping G Le3 Putters
  • OdysseyAi-One Seven DB Putter
  • Odyssey Tri-Hot 5k One Putter
  • TaylorMade Spider Red Putter
  • TaylorMade Spider Tour V Putter
  • TaylorMade Spider Tour X Putter
  • Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Putter
  • Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 Putter
  • Cobra Widesport Vintage Putter
  • Cobra Agera RS Counter Balance 3D Printed Putter
  • Cobra Supernova Counter Balance 3d Printed Putter