Golf Grips

At Pete’s, we have a wonderful selection of name brand golf grips
– always at great prices.

Are your grips warn out, uncomfortable, not fitted, or installed improperly?

No worries. At Pete Carlson’s we can replace your old golf grips with new ones from our wide selection of name brands and affordable prices.

Why should I replace my golf grips?

  • Golf grips get worn out by normal wear and tear making it difficult to maintain control of the golf club.

  • Not fitted to your liking. If the golf grip feels too big or too small it can have a negative impact on your game.

  • Overly hard or soft. Missed shots will leave you feeling a pain in your hands while great shots won’t feel as crisp.

  • Not all of your clubs are the same size and composition leaving your grip feeling awkward from one club to another.

  • Golf grip might be misaligned or improperly installed.

Golf Club Grips

Great selection of name brand golf club grips

Come in and see why the locals choose Pete Carlson’s before hitting the golf course.

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Golf Pride


Golf Pride


Golf Pride


Golf Pride